Tapka induction furnace manufacturing company, with the record of 33 years of experience, enjoys being the leading producer of induction furnaces in Iran. With its knowledge–based and monopolized production, and also equipped with 500 operating furnaces, has the production of 10- ton furnaces on its record.

By designing and producing continuous casting machines (CCM), Tapka, has made a great improvement in providing machineries for casting companies in turnkey models.

Operating a one-ton melting furnace in Uzbekistan and Iraq is evidence to Tapka capabilities to meet international standards.Other honors of Tapka Co, signed a cooperation agreement with Otto Junker Co, Germany
One of the largest manufacturer of induction furnaces and metallurgy machinery in the world.

One of the most noticeable characteristics of Tapka is reaching the technical know-how to design induction furnaces, which is the result of hard working of domestic masterminds. Tapka meets many of the needs of industry in using induction system.

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Continuous casting machine, is a machine for producing standard billet of steel in requested length. Advantages of producing billet of steel by using this machine are cooling homogeneity, Uniformity of billet dimensions, great smoothness of the surface of billet, eliminating most of the melting slags and making rolling easy. Read more>

(This movie, showing the performance of the CCM that are produced by Tapka, which is installed in Binalood industrial zone)

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